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The gymnast takes off at a run, leaps from a springboard, and bounds over a stationary “vault table” using her hands at the centre to make a twisting leap over it. In competition, a gymnast is allowed two tries, and her best attempt is placed up for score.

Before 2001, a “horse” was used in vaulting competitions. Judges score a gymnast according to her run-up and push off the vault table, leaping up in the air, and landing after a somersault. In this exercise, a gymnast learns to time her vaults with proper coordination, making use of the strength and power of her large muscles. Vaulting also develops assurance and self-confidence in young gymnasts.

The men’s exercise is similar to women’s vaulting. Gymnasts are judged on the run-up, springing up high over the vault, and landing after performing a twisting somersault over it. Not too long ago, the men’s vaulting routine was performed over a pommel horse turned lengthwise. These days a vaulting horse is used. Vaulting is a prime exercise to develop agility, a sense of balance and leg power.

Vaulting Horse Measurement:
135 cm. + or – 1 cm. from given measurement point to floor



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