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Sample Diets for Gymnasts




BREAKFAST - 1 orange
1 boiled egg
1oz/30g wholemeal bread
2tsp low-fat spread

LUNCH - 3oz/90g tuna fish
Salad of lettuce, onions and 1 tomato
2 celery sticks
1oz/30g beetroot
2tsp salad cream
2 crisp breads
1 apple

DINNER - 3oz/90g chicken without skin cook in casserole with
3oz/90g carrots
4oz/120g onions
2oz/60g parsnips
3oz/90g turnips
3oz/90g jacket potato
4oz/120g cooked green vegetables
1 pear


BREAKFAST - Half grapefruit
1oz/30g bran cereal
2.5 fl oz/75ml natural yoghurt

LUNCH - 3oz/90g lean ham
3oz/90g mixed bean salad (red/haricot/chick/butter)
1tsp chopped parsley
2oz/60g chopped onions
Salad of lettuce, 1 tomato, cucumber and celery
2tsp vegetable oil
1 medium slice melon

DINNER - Vegetable soup using 1 stock cube, and 6oz/180g
celery, onion and carrot
4oz/120g white fish cooked with 4floz/120g skimmed
milk, thickened with 1tsp cornflour and parsley
4oz/120g green beans
1tsp margarine
1 baked apple


BREAKFAST - 4oz/120ml unsweetened orange or grapefruit juice
2oz/60g drained sardines
1oz/30g brown bread
2tsp low-fat spread
1 tomato

LUNCH - 4oz/120g cottage cheese
2 crisp bread
Salad of 1 tomato, celery, cucumber, grated carrot
shredded cabbage, onion and red pepper
2tsp low-fat spread/cheese
1 banana

DINNER - 3oz/90g sautéed onion in 2tsp vegetable oil with
3oz/90g liver and sauté for 7 minutes
3oz/90g cooked brown rice
4oz/120g spinach
1 tomato
4oz/120g mushrooms
4oz/120g fresh fruit salad
2.5oz/75ml natural yoghurt


BREAKFAST - 4oz/120g grapes
1 scrambled egg
1 tomato
1oz/30g brown bread
2tsp low-fat spread

LUNCH - Macaroni cheese made with 3oz/90g cooked macaroni
2oz/60g grated cheese mixed with
3oz/90g mushrooms and
3oz/90g cauliflower
2floz/50ml skimmed milk
Serve with salad
1 orange

DINNER - 4oz/120g mackerel, canned or fresh
3oz/90g potato
3oz/90g peas
3oz/90g carrots
1 apple


BREAKFAST - 3oz/90g stewed prunes with their juice
1.5/45g muesli
5fl oz/150ml natural yoghurt

LUNCH - 3oz/90g baked beans
1 egg (not fried)
1oz/30g brown bread
2tsp low-fat spread
Salad of grated cabbage, onion, carrot, celery and pepper
4oz/120g pineapple

DINNER - 4oz/120g salmon, fresh or canned
2oz/60g corn on the cob
2oz/60g green beans
2oz/60g pepper
2tsp low-fat spread
1 orange


BREAKFAST - Half grapefruit
1 poached egg
1 tomato
3oz/90g mushrooms
1oz/30g wholemeal bread
2tsp low-fat spread

LUNCH - 3oz/90g jacket potato filled with
3oz/90g shrimps
Chopped parsley
2tsp low calorie salad cream
Salad of lettuce, celery, cucumber, pepper, onion
1 pear

DINNER - 4oz/120g cooked turkey without skin
3oz/90g cooked pasta mixed with
2oz/60g cooked peas
2oz/60g cooked celery
1tbsp chopped chives or spring onion
1tsp vegetable oil
4oz/120g spinach
5oz/120 blackcurrants
2.5fl oz/75ml natural yoghurt


BREAKFAST - 4oz/120g pineapple
1oz/30g porridge
5fl oz/120ml skimmed milk
2tsp honey

LUNCH - 3oz/90g lean beef
3oz/90g baked jacket potato
2tsp low-fat spread
4oz/120g spring greens
3oz/90g carrots
3oz/90g boiled parsnips
5oz/150g strawberries
2.5fl oz/75ml natural yoghurt

DINNER - 3oz/90g canned drained pilchards
Mixed salad of lettuce, tomato, celery
cucumber and peppers
3 crisp breads
2tsp low-fat cheese
4oz/120g plums

If you can't eat lunch at home, you can prepare meals beforehand and take them out with you.

TAKE OUT - 2oz/60g low-fat cheese
2oz/60g brown bread roll
Mixed salad
2tsp low-fat mayonnaise
1 orange
TAKE OUT - 2oz/60g large bread roll and fill with
Mixed salad
2tsp low-fat salad cream
Other product (shrimp, ham or egg)

This is a sample menu for just one week. Try to invent similar meals for a whole month to start you off, and then mix up the meals you have tried already with new ones for subsequent months




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